• Destiny of a Sorcerer

    Released in April 2015 for Android devices, this is a large RPG, action, and adventure hybrid with 4 to 6 hours of gameplay.

    This is a personal project I had wanted to realise for some 19 years! A talented team was brought together, including an illustrator, two musicians, and a story writer. DOS was fine-tuned with the help of continuous play testing, and consultation with other gamers. It took approximately 8 months to develop.

    Follow the link to see the homepage, which includes a description, trailer, and link to the Play store.

  • Veritas: Light Conquers Darkness

    Released in April 2014 for Android devices. Veritas takes the classic handheld LCD game as inspiration. The outcome is an adventure game with many hours of exploration.

    This is another project I had in the back of my mind for nearly twenty years. The aim was to take the limited graphical capabilities of the LCD format and produce a true, open world experience for the player.

    Despite the simple aesthetic - Veritas has many traits synonomous with modern games. They include an achievements system, end game sequence, a variety of locales, and illustrated story manual.

    Follow the link to see the homepage, which includes a description, trailer, and link to the Play store.

  • BrainBox: Diary Software

    Original online diary software that has been in development since 2008. BrainBox was a unique concept: inviting users to create diary entries and record how they feel about a variety of subjects.

    BrainBox predates Facebook's functionality to associate emotions with status updates, as well as recent UK government initiatives to identify the 'happiness' of the population. Despite several presentations to a range of health organisations, BrainBox has failed to move away from beta stage, though it is already a complete project. I hope to port it to devices soon.

    Follow the link to check out a demo of BrainBox. Use the default login information on the form there. The sample data is taken from an anonymous depression sufferer who bravely shared her battle with depression with the world. It is a good illustration of how sufferers of this disease can track their emotional state, and potentially share that information with their doctor.

  • Project Disco

    Disco is a tool for the individual developer who, like me, has many projects on the go, but lacks the time to work on them for sustained periods.

    Disco does the following:

    • Quickly see the projects that are nearly complete, and go for the quick kill.
    • Dive back into projects knowing exactly where you left off last time.
    • A unique, 'disc-visualisation' system for seeing how many hours tasks take, what categories they fall into, and how they depend on one another. All this in a single view.

    A video for Disco is coming soon! It will show the core ideas behind the software, as well as basic functionality. This will hopefully be followed by a beta release in the near future.

  • Datinate: DAT viewer, comparer, creator

    Powerful tool for scanning, comparing, and creating software lists. Uses DAT files - collections of software records compiled to store basic information (typically for games).

    Project started in mid 2014. Datinate is a Windows desktop application that helps software archivists document all kinds of programs, and related media files. The primary goal of Datinate is to make compiling comprehensive lists of old software easier. Video game history is a passion of mine.

    Follow the link to go to the Datinate homepage.

  • Sugharhill Estate

    Unlike the other projects in this portfolio, the website for Sugarhill estate was not created by me - it is the brainchild of Amdaris. I was fortunate to do the majority of coding behind this highly interactive, engrossing site.

    Sugarhill Estate's homepage lists a variety of stunning holiday villas, and invites the visitor to become familiar with detailed aspects of the abodes before booking their holiday. Full screen gallery images are provided, detailed floor plans (allowing virtual walkthroughs of the estate), amenities, and staffing details.

    Follow the link to view the Sugarhill Estate website.

  • Prawnstar Productions

    This is my original homepage, created during my university years, and subsequently updated to include various personal projects like games, original song recordings, and reviews. Most of my multimedia projects from my time at UWE are also here.

    This site is old, but still contains a variety of original games that I created at the start of my career. There are puzzle games, a Metroid hack (based on a classic Nintendo game), and examples of my work with (the now largely defunct) Shockwave 3D.

    Follow the link to see my old unversity homepage.